Spyware and virus removal

Our most popular service is our complete computer tune-up, which includes the removal of viruses and spyware. There is no solution, other than turning off your computer, which can totally prevent the infestation by today’s sophisticated malware. Removal requires sophisticated tools and a lot of experience. The quality of the cleanup is actually no better than the person performing it. This is why you will see the major stores frequently recommending that you wipe out your system and start over.

Starting over is difficult, darn difficult, and we do everything to avoid putting our clients through it. Sometimes a severely infected computer cannot be recovered, but most of the time we are able to restore it to its prior working condition.

When we tune your computer we update your operating system and remove any unnecessary files. We also install one of the many quality free antivirus programs. Our experience has been that many free programs work as well as the name commercial programs and you have no ongoing annual license fees.

The cost for this service is $135 when we do it in the shop. It costs substantially more when we do it on site due to the large amount of time involved.

BE SURE you have a good backup before we begin. No one can guarantee your data is totally safe when working on your computer.